Sunday, July 8, 2012

4 Tips For Approaching And Starting Conversations With Women

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4 Tips For Approaching And Starting Conversations With Women

Author: Adrian Hargray

Asking out a woman doesn't have to be a hard thing to do. One of the best things that you can do is just gather up the energy and ask a woman out. This article will show you some ways on how you can do so, along with some dating tips for approaching women. Here's the first tip for asking women out.

1) Practice in a mirror

That's right, go home into your mirror and practice asking a woman out. You will more than likely feel stupid about doing so but that's the whole point of the exercise. You want to get to a level of comfort with yourself so that women can feel comfortable with you also. How do you expect a woman to be good with who you are as a person if you aren't fine with who you are as a person? This is something that you have to think about if you really want to start having success with women.

Believe it or not, you should start by practicing some pickup lines in the mirror. Even if they sound cheesy, do it anyway. The goal here is not to memorize these lines; the goal is to help you become more confident with who you are as a person. Pickup lines have their place in the dating game, but as for right now your goal should be to get comfortable with yourself. Here's another tip for approaching and asking a woman out.

2) Ask a woman out

You have to do it sometime, why not do it now? The more you get rejected the more you will feel indifferent about the outcome. This is an excellent confident booster also because it means something if you're getting rejected and still approaching women with ease. This is something that was probably foreign to you in the past but now you're doing it with no sweat.

Take the time to walk over to a woman and start practicing today. If you want a date soon, you will have to do it at some point.

3) Compliment her

This gives you instantly something to say. You can say something like, "Excuse me, I looked in your direction and saw a beautiful figure and just had to say hi. How are you doing and what's your name?"

This is a great conversation starter and she will be waiting on the next great group of words to come out of your mouth that will flatter her. Never underestimate the power of a compliment. It can work well in your favor.

4) Know her schedule

If there's a woman that you want to walk up to but don't know exactly what to say, then start with things that you see her doing. If you regularly past this woman every morning when you go to work, stop by and say hi. You know alot about her already because you see her every morning, so why not start up a conversation about something that you see her doing. This is an excellent conversation starter as you will be talking about something that she already likes to do.

All 4 of these tips should give you the energy and confidence that you need to approach a beautiful woman with ease. Be sure to start using them today to have the kind of success with women that you desire.

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