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Angling and Love

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Angling and Love

By: Nic Mcleod

Earlier I woke up with an infectious urge for adventure and consequently I decided to accomplish something out of the ordinary. By way of a rapid visit to a marina I have become the happy renter of a 21 foot fishing boat identified as, “The Magnum Baron,” a filled tank of petrol, and the biggest Ugly Stick in the country. I planned to go do some fishing. Equipped with a tackle box of artificial lures, a variety of jigs spanning every color in addition to a live-well full of genetically enhanced bait fish, I was convinced I had the fishing counterpart of “game” in my personality. The hunt was on. I had self-assurance. With pep in my step, I hit the river and assured myself, “Them striper ain’t got nothin’ on me…”

…A long time afterwards, the only thing I had ensnared was a bad sunburn, a substantial tree, and an insatiable hunger. No fish, simply no bites, hardly any nibbles. I was weary and none too happy. Resigned, I told myself personally that angling is for losers, and the United states government needed to pass regulations to end the over fishing of our waters. Entirely discouraged, I proceeded to go home in a terrible mood. When I got back to the marina it was dark. I wasn't prepared to deal with the people who booked me the “Magnum Barron” and proclaim to them all with regards to “the one that got away.” Therefore I left the boat and sat along the pier to take into consideration my morning. Fishing could not make sense to me. I decided to go trolling; I offered numerous casts into many bays; I actually jigged my way all over the water using every color in the jig rainbow. I tried using everything I “believed” I understood about fishing, yet nevertheless I didn't get any fish. How dismal.

My inability at fishing filled me with a recognizable experience of dejection and irritation from my nights in the tavern scene. I noticed that the way I felt about fishing at the moment mirrored the sentiments I previously had every Friday night after an unsuccessful effort at finding a gal to date in a club. You forever keep in mind exactly what that icky feeling of inadequacy and dissatisfaction feels like when you turn up in a club with so much potential, but usually depart exclusively. Not effective enough to find a woman, inadequate to hook just one fish. What a total waste of your time. Finally it was now I had an epiphany. Going fishing can be like searching for people to date!

Whenever I used to venture out in pubs seeking suitable people to date, I had little to no good results. The world in its latest style makes it remarkably challenging to pinpoint a perfect match. The game, the attitudes, the egos, societal norms, it's all too much to handle and really irritating to find their way through the rich waters of regular dating. Fishing is similar way! I had so many tools inside my tackle box of fishing tricks to be a success. My bait was bright, captivating, alive, as well as the crème de la crème of the sport. Coming from the perception of fish, I seemed to be desirable and totally date worthy but my fishing experience, exactly like attempting to find love at a bar, had been a complete squander of time and energy. I required help.

To reduce my awful hunt-to-date rate from my times in the club scene, I solicited the help of technological innovation. I came upon online dating. I was worried to test it at first but after i mustered the courage to attempt something totally new I accepted the technology. Amazing….what a wonderful invention. Because of internet dating I was ready to discover, pinpoint and snag exactly the sort of people I was intrigued in meeting. My hunt-to-date ratio advanced notably and I no longer possess that sensation of leaving cafes all alone. C

urrently, I take my dates out to these very same cafes for cocktails and I never ever depart alone. This technology for angling does not exist however, it does for finding folks locally who are hoping to date a person merely like you. I strongly encourage you to on-line date given it could modify, reward and enrich the way you live beyond measure. Now there are many suitable women on planet earth that fit your wishes nevertheless , you need help to be able to find them just like I have to have help to find fish. Look at your sense of adventure and enroll in a absolutely free online dating web site today to help you go fishing for a date and hook, line and sink-her. -- Article Directory | Free Content

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The Woman That My Husband Is Cheating With Lives With Us

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The Woman That My Husband Is Cheating With Lives With Us

Author: Katie Lersch

I sometimes hear about somewhat strange situations that involve infidelity. Occasionally, I hear of a situation in which the "other woman" is actually living with the husband and his wife. As you might expect, the wife often wants to end this situation as soon as is possible.

I heard from a wife who said: "when my husband asked me to take in a long time family friend, I really didn't hesitate. The truth is that over the course of our marriage, many of my family members have lived with us until they could get back on their feet. My husband grew up right down the street with the woman in question and they have known one another since they were children. So I didn't think it was any big deal for her to live with us until she could find a job. Well, after she had been living with us for about eight months, she came and told me that for the last two months, my husband had been coming home for lunch and sleeping with her. He didn't deny any of it when I confronted him. He said that she had always been special to him but now their relationship had changed. He believes that she knows him better than anyone, including me. I was so angry and I told him that the affair must end. He told me that he would stop sleeping with her, but I don't think he has. I can tell by the way that they are looking at one another. I am pretty sure they picked up right where they left off. How can I put a stop to the affair?"

What a difficult situation this was. The wife was only trying to do a good deed by helping out someone in need and now she felt as if she would look like the bad guy if she forced the other woman out. However, I thought the bad guy in this scenario had already been well established and I felt that her guilt was definitely misplaced. I'll discuss this more below.

Your First Goal Should Be To Get Her Out Of The House As Soon As Possible: Quite frankly, eight months seems to be enough time for someone to find a job. Sure, the job that she is able to obtain may not be her first choice, but the whole idea was for her to get onto her feet not to get used to living in someone else's house while sleeping with someone's husband.

I know that the wife was a very kind hearted person who wanted to help someone in need. But sometimes, enough has to be enough. When someone uses your own kindness to betray or hurt you, then your kindness should immediately cease. You should not allow them to continue to take advantage of you. The first course of action should be to get the other woman to leave the house as soon as possible. Ideally, the husband would agree to this. But if not, then the wife would need to state her case very plainly.

Recovering from an affair is very difficult even when the other woman is out of the picture. But having her living under the same roof is almost cruel. I can not imagine saving your marriage and healing while having to share a home with her. If this husband's marriage were important to him, he would agree with his wife and tell the woman that she must find other living arrangements in a reasonable amount of time.

It will be much easier for the affair to truly be over once and for all if the husband is not seeing her every day and knowing that all he has to do is come home for lunch to receive more of a welcome than is appropriate.

Once You Get Her Out Of The House, The Husband Must Truly Want To End The Affair: Once you remove the temptation of her, you still have to be vigilant. It would be totally possible for the husband to continue to see this woman. He would merely have to go to where she was now living. And he might have some guilt about kicking her out, which she may decide to exploit. That's why it's important that your husband actually want to end the affair as well as understand why he must close off all contact. His focus should become his marriage and his wife and nothing else.

Ending The Affair Is Only The First Step: I can't tell you how many wives assume that all they have to do is end the affair or remove the other woman from their lives and then as a result their lives and their marriages can just resume normally. If only it were that easy. Once she is out of the picture, there is still much work to do. You will need to establish why he had the need or impulse to cheat in the first place. You will need to restore the trust. And you will need to rebuild your marriage from the ground up so that one day you can truly put this behind you and move on with your life and with your marriage. Because if you don't, you will always worry about him cheating again or you will have resentment that negatively affects your marriage.

This isn't an easy process, but it is a necessary one. Right now, the most important thing was the wife's healing. She couldn't fully heal unless she removed the things that were causing her pain. Taking care of your own needs is extremely important right now. Because often, if you don't take care of yourself, no one else will. I learned this the hard way after my own husband's infidelity. If it helps, you can read more on the surviving the affair blog.

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About the Author

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair. Her corresponding blog is at Her article website is at

Infidelity – What Really Happens and What to do About It

Infidelity – What Really Happens and What to do About It

Author: James Wadley

I am often invited to professional and social events that host men and women who talk about their careers and their relationships. More often than not, a few people will be engaged in a dialogue about their relationship and its perceived trajectory, as well as whether they believe things will "work out" or not. In some cases there are other conversations about whether or not someone would accept or "put up" with questionable acts that may be classified by some as cheating.

I rarely join in these conversations because I try not to get involved in people's personal problems at social events since that is what I do professionally, but I am frequently asked to offer my opinion and weigh in on these sensitive discussions. I must confess that since I am not "on the clock" I may offer an opinion that is totally skewed from what I believe the people around me want to hear because just like them, I deserve to have a nice time when I am not working. On the other hand, when I can tell that the initial conversation has taken on a more serious tone, I will usually put on my "professional hat" and share.

What is Infidelity?

Infidelity happens when two parties have made an explicit (e.g., "We are going to be emotionally and sexually monogamous," or "We are together,") or implicit (e.g., "We kissed, had sex, shared secrets, and spent time with each other's family, but the relationship status was not discussed.") agreement not to engage in the same behaviors or emotional interactions with other people. When the agreement is severed by one or both parties, any transaction with another person is expected to be disclosed or maintained as a secret (contingent upon one's value system regarding truth, honesty, disclosure, etc.). Infidelity is individually constructed and relative to the person.

In other words, there are many perspectives about what cheating is and is not, what infidelity means to a relationship, and whether or not it is a "deal breaker." So, for example, you may believe that a person cheats when he or she engages in oral, vaginal, or anal sex with someone else but feel that "sexting" an ex-partner is nothing more than playful flirting. Another example might be sharing secrets or engaging in intimate behaviors with someone other than your primary partner and rationalizing the experience as "not cheating" because you never had sex with the other person.

Yet another example might be having sexual intimacy with someone other than your partner but believing that since the feelings you have for the other person are not as strong as those you have for your primary partner, the act is not actually cheating. A final example might be having a romantic interlude with someone else and not disclosing it to your partner. If confronted about it, then it is cheating; if you are not confronted by your spouse, then it is okay. It is, of course, important to understand that if you and your partner have not talked about your actions and consented to those actions beforehand, then it is cheating.

Forms of Infidelity

As mentioned above, cheating comes in many forms and is relative to each party. When I speak with my clients and students about infidelity, I share with them that I consider infidelity to be a deflection of intimacy in which individuals choose not to address issues that exist in their relationship. For example, imagine getting into an argument with your partner about whose turn it is clean out the garage. Both of you argue for hours until you decide to retreat to another part of the house. You invest countless hours (or even days) playing video games, surfing the internet, spending intimate time with someone else, consuming alcohol or drugs, gambling, or eating, and you still have not resolved the issue of cleaning out the garage.

With any of the above activities you physically, emotionally, and intimately "check out" because you choose not to deal with the issue or have not developed a communication skill set that allows you to address what is really going on between the two of you. These activities serve as deflections in that they may keep you and your partner from sharing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with one another and being as close as you may want to be. It is frequently – and incorrectly – assumed that cheating has to be done with another person, but it is evident that emotional detachments can occur from excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, video games, internet surfing, eating, pornography, shopping, etc. These other behaviors can be just as insidious and traumatic as being sexually intimate with another person.

The presenting issue for clients in my private practice may be infidelity, but underneath that it is often eventually discovered that the couple may not have agreed upon money, sex, parenting, interaction with former partners, chores, or their relationship status. Subsuming those issues may be feelings of fear, anxiety, abandonment, or depression. The cheater may have chosen to be with someone else because it was "easier" than addressing his or her personal or relational challenges.

The Unfaithful

When some people are unfaithful, it may be because they are unsettled or unsure about how to deal with their feelings about being in a committed relationship. Earlier, I asserted that relationships have explicit and implicit agreements that provide behavioral, emotional, and intimate expectations for both parties and that when some people are unable or choose to not have meaningful dialogue about their relational positioning, they cheat. Understanding the relative and fluid context of cheating, the unfaithful person may engage sexually (e.g., in real life or virtually) with another person (e.g., acquaintance or stranger) or develop an unrevealed emotional attachment to someone other than his or her primary partner.

During this time, the cheater may experience a range of feelings for the other partner including relief, guilt, confusion, safety, anxiety, or love. At the same time, sentiments towards the spouse or primary partner may include anger, frustration, confusion, ambivalence, and even love. Becoming intimate with another person only complicates matters because the person who he or she is spending time with cannot effectively resolve any issue that exists between the unfaithful person and his or her primary partner. Inasmuch, the other person cannot resolve any emotional issue that exists within the individual engaging in infidelity.

In other words, the cheater may be confused, anxious, or harbor resentment about his or her current relationship, and while the other partner may be able distract the cheater temporarily, he or she cannot resolve the emotional chaos that exists within. Upon disclosure or discovery, the person who cheated may also experience a mixture of feelings including shame, confusion, anxiety, depression, rage, euphoria, sexual arousal, or resentment. For many people who are unfaithful, the cauldron of emotion can be difficult to untangle without professional support.

Enduring the Trauma

When spouses find out (by discovery or disclosure) that their partner's behavior has negatively moved beyond the initial relational expectations, it can be devastating. Most people who want a healthy relationship do not anticipate their partner betraying them and when it happens, it can be confusing, unsettling, and oftentimes traumatic. Paradoxically, while some spouses may be enraged, bitter, or resentful towards his or her partner's behavior, they may also be stirred, triggered, and sometimes even aroused after hearing about the intimate experiences of the cheater.

The snafu of emotions and sexually intimate behavior may emanate from a heightened recognition and awareness of individual vulnerability on the part of both parties. Spouses may find themselves angry at one moment and possibly amorous a few minutes or hours later as they try to construct meaning from the betrayal and manage themselves emotionally.

Some partners may fear abandonment, further betrayal, or the possibility of cheating themselves. Other partners may sever the relationship altogether and find themselves emotionally unavailable to anyone else in the future. Professional support is encouraged for spouses in that it can help unweave complex feelings and help partners develop a behavioral and emotional plan to manage their trauma.

The Other Person

Sometimes the other person knows nothing about the relationship status of his or her lover because deception was involved. When the other relationship is disclosed or discovered, the other person may experience the same feelings as the primary partner and struggle to create meaning out of the intimate interaction. Some people may not care if his or her partner is in a relationship with someone else and will be able to set emotional boundaries for themselves and not become too emotionally invested or entangled.

Matters can become quite complex when all parties (spouse, cheater, and the other person) come together and confront one another regarding actual and perceived behaviors, interpretations of those behaviors, and everyone's affective response. Again, feelings of betrayal, confusion, resentment, anger, frustration, and fear may become heightened during the confrontation and leave all parties without any sense of clarity or direction.

What to Do

Confronting all of the personal and relational issues and untangling all of the behavioral and emotional complexities for all parties can be tough even for a skilled therapist. Below are a few suggestions that I have offered to my clients and students in the past about how to reduce the possibility of infidelity and how to handle it if it occurs:

1.Spend time talking with your partner about your relationship status and the emotional, sexual, and intimate expectations at the beginning and throughout the relationship. Accept and understand that people change over time as do their interpretations of the relationship.

2. Have a constructive in-depth discussion about honesty, disclosure, forgiveness, and relationship history, and talk about what worked and did not work for you.

3. Be patient and understanding when you and your primary partner talk about previous relationships that were traumatic or unfulfilling and develop solutions that will help to ensure that you will not make the same mistakes. Be willing to listen to one another if trauma exists in your current relationship.

4. If you have unresolved issues from a previous relationship or in your current relationship, talk with a professional to get help and support.

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About the Author

Dr. James Wadley is an associate professor and Director of the
Master of Human Services program at Lincoln University. As a licensed
professional counselor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Dr. Wadley has
quickly emerged as one of the nation's best sexuality therapists. A clinical
specialization in romantic and family relationship dynamics, healthy sexuality
expression, and body image, Dr. Wadley has written numerous articles and blogs,
and has published two books: "Would You Marry You?" and " The Lost and Found
Box." Additionally, he is a guest speaker on radio talk shows and relationship
seminars across the nation. Dr. Wadley is available for public speaking engagements
for seminars, conferences, private groups and clubs.

Dating Buzz - 4 Ways to Plan a Surprise for Boyfriend or Husband

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Dating Buzz - 4 Ways to Plan a Surprise for Boyfriend or Husband

Author: Macdlena Jonathan

Dating Buzz - 4 Ways to Plan a Surprise for Boyfriend or Husband

Are you looking for a way to plan a surprise for boyfriend or husband? You have picked up a great Dating Buzz. Wondering what men like or how a man would love to be surprised? Women love to plan a surprise for boyfriend or husband but are often out of ideas of how they could do it. Especially when your they are difficult to get surprised easily. Then check out this 4 ways for women to plan a surprise for boyfriend or husband. I'm sure this tips will make your them guessing but without risking to uncover your actual surprise.

Hidden Tickets to a Concert or Favorite Sports Game

You could get them tickets to a sports game or a concert if they are hardcore fan of a band or a sports team and usually that is what men like. The refrigerator, his wallet or in a pocket of his favorite shirt would be a great place to hide the tickets where your boyfriend or your husband will find them on their own. You can't imagine how surprised they will be when they find the ticket and even more when they see what tickets are they for. A great surprise for boyfriend or husband. Bet you haven't thought about this Dating Buzz.

Night on the Town surprise!

Plan a night out in town if you consider to have a special and romantic surprise with your partner. Before the actual day of the surprise, plan out all the stops you want to visit in town. But to keep this to a great surprise, you will need to insist him that you should drive for the night to ensure he has no idea as to where the next destination will be. Take him to some of his favorite places. It will be great to be driven around especially when driven to a new and interesting places. What men like is not to be the driver all the time too.

Have a Surprise Party

It is not as difficult as you think to have a surprise party. What you need to do to keep the surprise going is to just tell your boyfriend or husband that you are planning a special night for his birthday just the two of you. This will keep him in oblivion and eventually catch him off guard at the party by not expecting a crowd of family and friends. This is the most common Dating Buzz.

Scavenger Hunt

This can easily be the best surprise for boyfriend or husband. Depending on your preferences and your motivation you can vary the size of the hunt. A simple scavenger hunt would be by just putting clues around your house. However it could be much more interesting to make a larger scavenger hunt by placing all the clues in a well-hidden public areas. What men like would be to include his favorite places into the scavenger hunt.

There is another method for a scavenger hunt. You can do this by telling your boyfriend or husband to look for a specific item. For this, you are required to list some of your favorite things (things both of you like), and tell them to look for the items and take a picture of it.

These different surprise for boyfriend and husband will work at different occasion. For a great dating buzz you will need to think of the method that is best to work with the surprise you already planned. Also think about best way to keep your surprise a secret. And best of all, have fun!

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Macdlena Jonathan

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Pucker Up - 7 Ways As to How to Make a Man Kiss You Without Seeming Needy Or Too Desperate

Pucker Up - 7 Ways As to How to Make a Man Kiss You Without Seeming Needy Or Too Desperate

Author: Krista Hiles

There are several ways that you can get a guy to pucker up and give you the kiss that you need to see if there are any sparks between you. Some of these methods are simple, others are classic. These tips are the perfect way to get that kiss setup, all you have to add is you and they guy in question.

Use a Trick

This is slightly devious way to get that much needed kiss out of the way and settle any sexual tension between you once and for all. Some of the classic tricks to get a guy to kiss you are to use mistletoe, playing a kissing game, or sneaking one in when they trun their face. Sometimes these work the way that they are intended and other times they do not.


Get him in the mood for love by flirting with him, touch, talking and sharing are great ways to open the floor up to a passionate kiss that may have needed to happen for a long time.

Set the Proper Mood

Soft moments are the most conducive to a kiss. Establish a scene where the mood is right for a soft moment and then drop little hints as the night goes along. If the mood is right and the magic is there then a kiss may be in the works.

Have Him Walk you Home/Walk You to Your Door or Car

This is a classic moment for a sudden kiss to happen after a casual and enjoyable evening together. Even if the night was not a "date" this is a possibility if things have been going the right way.

Let Him Know It's OK to Kiss You

Let him know that it's OK to make and attempt at kissing you. If he has shown anything that appears to be interest in you sexually then make an intimate contact gesture, such as looking into his eyes or touching his neck or chest lightly with your hand. He is much more open to the idea of kissing you if you if he knows that it's OK to try it, especially if you work together.

Close the Distance Between the Two of You

If things are already in a state of sexual tension between the two of you, all you may have to do to get a guy to kiss you, is to close the distance between you. Simply move close to him and look into his eyes and if the moment has magic then he will kiss you.

Initiate the Attempt at a Kiss

One of the best ways to get a guy to kiss you is to initiate the kiss yourself. Even if you do not follow through the attempt is enough to open him to finishing the job on his own accord.

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