Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is There Pure Friendship Existing Between Men and Women?

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Is There Pure Friendship Existing Between Men and Women?

Author: Tina Hu

In fact the title of the article is just a question which is haunting in my brain for years. As we know, people do have many different kinds of emotions, and that’s just the reason why we differed from the other animals. We love our families, our friends and our partner, and we know the difference of these love. But when the friendship comes to a man and woman, is there any possibility they keep a pure relationship?

Women and men are naturally mutual attracting, surely except homosexual. And in actual life, we do have many female friends and male ones. But you will only marry your Mr. Right guy in your designer wedding dress, and you will ask your close female friends as your bridesmaid as well. How about your male friends? They can only act as guests for your wedding; even you two have close friendship. Actually I doubt there is pure friendship between men and women, not always at least, since love is happened by some chemical reaction, that means it’s a possibility for you and your opposite sex friends to become lovers one day. I guess that’s the reason why some ambiguous feeling always exists between men and women. From this aspect, there may be no pure friendship between opposite sex friends.

A male friend of mine told me once time it’s depending on the female part to decide if the friendship is a pure one or an ambiguous one. He thought men like girls unless they are too ugly. They would have sex with them if the girl allowed, but that doesn’t mean they love them. And at the female’s side, they will not have sex with their male friends unless she loves him secretly. The relationship will become a little complex if it refers to sex. And that’s why to keep a pure friendship between male and female is a little difficult. One day, when you get married, your spouse will be also jealous for you to get close with your male or female friends.

I’m still a little confused now. Sometimes I see there is true friendship between man and women, but sometimes it changes quickly. I guess it’s just because to remain a friendship between the opposite sexes is much more difficult than the same sex. But who knows, as the sex difference become smaller nowadays, maybe one day you can ask both of your male and female friends to be your bridesmaids for your wedding and dress them in their designer bridesmaid dresses.

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