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The Aviator Scarf: How to Accessorize

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The Aviator Scarf: How to Accessorize

By: Meryl Rougeaux

We can all agree that there is something quite classy and yet modern about the aviator scarf. Perhaps it is because of its unique cream color, silky material, or detailed tassels – but all aviator scarves remind us not just of carefree pilots but also ruggedness and sophistication all at the same time.

Unlike other scarves, the aviator scarf has a very standard and single look. It is usually white, can be made of a specific fabric, and may or may not have tassels. They are also usually purchased at the same lengths. With this singularity, you might think of it as a very limited scarf, at least in terms of fashion. After all, just how much creatively can you wear the same white scarf over and over again? The truth is a lot farther from this than you may think. The truth is that fashion is subjective. Wearing a nice looking aviator scarf or other garment will not guarantee that you will look good instantly. It will also depend on how you wear it, as well as what you wear it with. How do you accessorize your entire ensemble with an aviator scarf? Here are just some of the ways.

Leather, and Lots of It:

The cream or white color of aviator scarves makes them easier to match with a variety of different looks, rather than limit them. Leather especially looks good with the aviator scarf, because they both evoke feelings of the rugged outdoors and therefore complement each other. To give homage to the pilots of the 1920s and 1930s, you can wear the scarf with brown or caramel-colored leather jackets and khaki pants. This creates a classy look because flying in itself was considered a rich man’s sport in the 1920s, and is still the same today. Brown hues and cream also go well together since they belong to the same color family.

If you do not have brown jackets, you can also wear the scarf with a black leather jacket. Aviator scarves in this sense are not only reminiscent of plane pilots but also spunky motorcycle drivers. Add the finishing touches of this look with dark denim jeans and even leather boots. This is well-suited for both men and women.

Bright Colors:

What if you’d rather veer away from classic and vintage looks, and want a more current appearance? For this purpose, you can wear brightly colored tops along with the scarf. Because of their light colors, aviator scarves can be matched with practically any color under the sun. Just be careful and do not overdo it – do not wear too many colors all at the same time. One color will be sufficient, or two at the maximum. You can also inject other colors into your outfit through your earrings, shoes, belt or even bag.

Thick or Thin:

The way you tie aviator scarves can also be different. You can create an effect of a thick and snug-looking scarf by bunching your scarf and making large knots to increase its thickness.

This style works much like a cravat, but is less formal and can be worn for the outdoors. You can create a more carefree appearance, meanwhile, by tying your scarf or only draping it, so that its ends hang freely and follow the wind.


Women of the early 20th century wore white scarves matched with gold jewelry, creating an air of authority and sophistication. You can wear dangling gold earrings, for example, together with your scarf.

You can also wear gold necklaces, provided that you position them carefully enough together with the scarf. Some wearers tie their necklaces on purposely so that they are on the scarf and thus highly visible.

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Giving The Best Gift To Your Man

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Giving The Best Gift To Your Man

By: Tristan Jackson

Are you planning to give your boyfriend a gift that would suit his adventurous personality? Motocross gears will surely complement an adventurous person. If your boyfriend is into motocross, this is just perfect but if not then maybe this will encourage him to get into "manly" sports.

Many times we have been through occasions and with our chores and schedules, we end up buying gifts bought out of rush. Gifts are meant to be given from our hearts with loving thoughts for a person. Hence, gifts for any occasion should be carefully chosen. Regret sometimes come later when the rush is there already and after we have bought the gift. To avoid such rush and regrets it is better to be ready beforehand with gifts you can give for any occasion. Sales are on the round in all malls and stores as the year ends and begins. So, what's the deal here? Get your gifts while it's on sale and have gifts available anytime.

1. Purchase gifts during sale days or seasons - They come up cheaper and the quality is still there. Choose various kinds of articles, store them in their boxes in your cabinet. Put boxes with labels using the content's name if it is not printed on its box. This way, when an occasion calls for you to give a gift, you don't have to spend time going to the mall looking for one. Simply choose from one of your available gift stocks.

2. For those who are into hobbies, make lots of your hobby items - Your hobby items are great DIY gifts which are personalized and will have more depth for the receiver. Your hobby items can be given to anybody. Make plenty of your hobby items and store them in gift boxes, ready to be given anytime of the year for any occasion.

3. Have an occasion or celebration board - This board will remind you ahead of important occasions, which would have you, give a gift. You post the dates and names here. In case you do not want to pre-buy gifts then, at least, you are reminded ahead to give you time to shop for a gift.

4. Stock on gift wrappers, gift tags, ribbons and boxes - This would ensure that you have these gift accessories at hand any time you need to give a gift. No more rushing to the store and falling in line for these items.

These tips will give you a hassle-free moment in choosing a gift. The gifts are within your reach.

It has always been observed that gifts for men are commonly based on the profession in which he currently is. Let's say for example, a man who is working in a top corporate has the possibility to get gifts like formal ties, formal shirts and pants, or sophisticated pen sets. But this particular man has also a life other than his professional one and so , sometimes, these formal gifts tend to not please him.

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