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The Secret to Happiness

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The Secret to Happiness

By: John Neyman, Jr.

Over 214 million dollars were spent on the internet last year to find meaningful relationships. People all over the globe are looking for happy and fulfilling relationships. Yet, obviously most are not finding it. Why? What is wrong?

The problem is in the goal or objective. People are driven to find happiness. They will do just about anything to try and get it. Yet, they don't find it. Herein is the problem, happiness is always a by product of something. Happiness is not something you can just go and get.

There is one basic principle that if you learn will change your life forever. Every human ought to learn, memorize, mediate, and apply it to their life. It is possible to be happy after a divorce, but it is also possible to be very unhappy while married. Is that true? Of course you know that to be a fact.

However, you can have happiness if you aim at the right target. What, then, is the right target? The right target to aim at in your life is "Personal Development" into manhood or womanhood whichever pertains to you.

Nature itself reveals that at conception you are to develop or grow. That is the way we are designed. This is not just speaking of physical maturity, but also, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual maturity. You get married for the purpose of personal development.

You go to college for the purpose of personal development. You work a job, start a new career, get a divorce, and have children, etc, etc, for the purpose of becoming a better person. You should not only be a better person after having traveled your life journey, not the world should be a better place because you were alive.

Why should you look at it this way? The answer is simplistic, but the application is hard work. It will take discipline on your part. The reason you ought to have this mindset is that happiness is a choice. It is a decision. It is an action that you must make, but only those who are mature will ever rise above their circumstances to choose to be happy regardless of what someone else has done to them.

You don't have to believe me. You can go on in your own unhappiness if you wish. But the plain truth is no one can steal your joy from you. You have to permit them to take it.

This is why I say that everything that you do in life should have the underlining motive that you are going to grow into womanhood or manhood, whichever is the case. Only the mature can decide to be happy.

Will you purpose in your mind today that you will follow a life style of perpetual growth? It takes time. It takes work. It takes patience. You will not change over night. However, if you will constantly work on you, you will mature into a healthy stable person.

Granted, what is healthy and stable for one will be something different for the next, but that is not the point because you can not be someone else. You can only be who you are.

I would recommend that you put more time and finances in your personal development than anything else. -- Article Directory | Free Articles

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